What comes to mind when you see carnations in the garden? Probably, you see attractive pieces that need to be plucked or admired under long breaths. To most people carnations poisoning does not come to mind. Well, the view is totally different from down below – where the cats usually stand.  Of course, they love to climb on walls or any form of pedestal they might find – but you get the point. Carnations are mildly toxic to cats especially if ingested. The poisonous toxins are located in almost the entire parts such as the pollen, stems and leaves.

Are carnations poisonous to cats
Cats in carnations Source

Understanding carnations poisoning

Carnations scientific name is (Dianthus caryophyllus): even with their mild toxicity they cause diarrhea, stomach upsets, appetite loss, vomiting and drooling. The carnations contain toxins which are stomach irritants. Therefore, when your cat exhibits these symptoms you need to take it in for a medical check up. This will help to ascertain the cause of the problems. Carnations poisoning is characterized by prolonged diarrhea and excess vomiting.

When a cat feeds on another form of plant such as grass, the diarrhea and vomiting only occur momentarily. The vomiting and the diarrhea is the way of ridding itself of the toxins.

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First aid for carnations poisoning

Once you’ve determined that the cat has consumed poisonous carnations, you should stay calm as you think of the next course of action. It’s advisable to note the amount of carnations the cat has ingested – it will be helpful when the veterinarian is making a diagnosis. Additionally, most human poisoning remedies are not effective or safe on felines so you shouldn’t spend so much time on contorting some. The final and most effective course of action you can take is to rush the cat to the vet.

Poisoned cat Source

It’s quite difficult to diagnose carnations poisoning.  There are no test available on determining the level of toxicity. The vet will rely on the cat’s recent medical history the exposure or contact they had with carnations. The vet cannot rely solely on vomiting and diarrhea to make a conclusive diagnosis since it can be a sign of other conditions and ailments.

Are carnations poisonous to cats? Mild carnations poisoning.

Carnations poisoning is not the most lethal form of poisoning. There are other plants such as lilies which can cause severe repercussions after ingestion if not managed in due time. Once the veterinarian administer the right medical curative procedures, the cat will recover in only a few hours. The vet will also advise you to encourage your feline to take in a lot of water during recovery. Get rid of any carnations that is easily accessible to the cat during the recovery period.

The other form of plants that are deemed more lethal than carnations include tulips, lilies, chamomile among others. In your examination of the severity of the carnation poisoning make sure you do not underestimate the symptoms.

Even before your cat experience such forms of poisoning you should ensure that identified toxic plants are not easily accessible to the cat, in the yard or as cuttings in the house. The cat might be tempted to chew or touch them since the plants fragrance or beauty is overly attractive.