Are lilies poisonous to cats? Yes. In fact most lilies are quite toxic to cats once ingested. Of course, they are a myriad of lily species. However, the most toxic ones are those that fall under the Hemerocallis and Lilium species. Specifically, Asiatic, Tiger, Japanese, Western, peace, Peruvian among others. Some of the lily species including the Peruvian or the peace lilies cause mild irritation. The mild irritations occur in the digestion systems from the tongue, mouth and the esophagus. In addition, the feline affected by these lilies will indicate signs of vomiting or foaming of the mouth. However, there are more dire consequences after ingestion of the more toxic lilies. The severely toxic lilies listed above cause’s depression for the feline, followed by consistent vomiting and an acute lack of appetite.

Are lilies poisonous to cats
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Manage lilies poisoning quickly

If the condition is not treated the cat becomes dehydrated followed by severe diarrhea and the cat is unable to breathe properly: if it persists the cat will experience kidney failure. It’s good to note that the signs becomes clearer after 6 -12 hours from contact or ingestion. Although, researchers have not been able to pinpoint the specific toxin they have been able to confirm the presence of the toxin in almost all parts of the lilies including leaves, flowers, pollen and stem. The kidney malfunction resulting from the toxic flower is scientifically referred to as renal tubular necrosis. Typically, this phenomenal takes places from 1 to 3 days after coming into contact with the toxin.

Does lilies poisoning have an antidote?

Unfortunately, lily poisoning does not have an antidote. However, the sooner the cat is taken to the vet the sooner the developing condition is managed to ensure it does not become fatal. Swift actions allow the veterinary to suppress the toxic within the body of the cat in due time. Ideally, as in humans, veterinary will try to induce removal of poison from the cat’s body. One way to achieve this is through inducing involuntary vomiting. Next the vet will conduct kidney tests while examining the extent of the damage on functionalities.

Simple amounts of lilies such as 2 leaves can prove fatal if they come into contact with a feline.  The most likely occurrence in dire instances is the fatal kidney failure in cats.

Are lilies poisonous to cats
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Are lilies poisonous to cats? How to prevent poisoning in cats

First, if you are a feline lover then you know that having lilies around the house is a big NO-NO. Ideally, there should not be any form of lilies around the house not even as cut flowers. As a caution, it’s crucial to notify family of the danger presented by lilies to cats. There is minimal chance the cat would be interested in ingesting lilies planted around the yard since most of them spend time indoors.

In case your cat goes through the life threatening ordeal and comes out stronger it’s advisable to take the precautionary measures to avoid a repeat of a similar case. As far as the cat recovery is concerned, it’s good to monitor the cat to ensure it fully recovers and is back on its bubbly self within no time. Finally, make sure you destroy the lilies that caused the poisoning in the first place.

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