That nostalgic scene that popularized the cat and mouse bitter sweet relationship in the Tom and Jerry saga still rings in people’s mind. The concept was inspired by centuries old true stories with a little touch of humor in it. Well, we don’t see mice as cat’s playmate rather we see them as pest that need controlling, Perhaps, it start with identifying a dependable breed among the best cat for catching mice. Technically, cats are presumably natural hunters even in their domesticated clothing. Their carnivorous disposition places them at an advantage in solving a recurring mice problem.

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How to choose the best cats for catching mice

Of course, every cat, under the right circumstances and environment can catch a mouse. However, there are others, better adapted to fulfill this noble task. In a sense, they are talented in the game of mice hunting. The cat origins should be a consideration. Plus you should also watch out for the hunting behavior. Here is a list of some of the best cats for catching mice.

American shorthair

Best cats for catching mice
An American shorthair Source

They originated from Great Britain before being brought to the United States. It’s more than 300 years since they were domesticated. They are popular for their hunting abilities and they are quite affectionate. Therefore, they deserve to be on this list of the best cats for catching mice.

Maine coon

Best cat for catching mice
A Maine coon standing Source

As the name suggest, the Maine coon is named after a state in the US. They share a history with the country since they have been around roughly the same period. They have an elegant water resistant fur. There are found almost everywhere around the country. They are recognized for their hunting skills as well


best cats for catching mice
A Siberian cat. Source

They originated from the colder regions of the world, perhaps, more specifically Siberia. As an adaptation, the cats have really thick fur. In addition, the Siberian husky weighs a lot coupled with a large frame. Surprisingly, the large size doesn’t deter the big cat from moving fast thus presenting the breed as great mice hunters.


best cats for catching mice
The Siamese Source

What’s strikingly rich Siamese is the ability to survive in different climatic regions. It originates from Thailand, living among the nobility of the country. There are various breeds which pay homage to the original Siamese cat such as the Himalayans and the Burmese. These too have developed great hunting skills just like the originals.


Best cats for catching mice
A grey charteux cat Source

The charteux is a French cat; a favorite of the French it’s now wonder it has been featured in most folk tales and stories. They are quite muscular which contributes to their hunting abilities. Their resilience is admirable –they put extra effort in ensuring their hunt is successful. In essence, they shift their temperaments to calmer standings.

The best cats for catching mice list is longer than the five that are listed here. There are other breeds which pet owners can consider as well such as the Persian, Burmese, and Japanese Bobtail among others. The best cats for catching mice will help you deal with a persistent pest problem that affects most home owners.

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