Do cats fart? Some of the Interesting question we would ask the all-knowing and wise Google at odd hours. The thought itself is funny to say the least. It’s apparent that you will discover videos on your favorite video channel on this particular topic. So do cats fart? Yes they do. But it’s not certain whether they consider it gross as we do as humans. In fact, all mammals fart, including the innocently looking feline you have at home. When they do fart, there is the unbearable odor that comes from a cat’s behind. It might not be accompanied by a cunning sound but the smells is quite conspicuous. One reason the sound is not audible enough is because of the amount of gas produced is lesser than in humans.

Do cats fart
A cat lying down Source

How do they do it?

For one, cats have less restrictions as far as passing flatulence is concerned. To them, it’s a relieving normal body function than an embarrassing gesture as we humans consider it to be. Just like humans, cat have a gastrointestinal system and anus to accomplish any flatulence release mission.

A casual study on the topic was conducted by Dr. Mickila Collins from the animal specialty group in Southern California. Her response was typical of most veterinarian asked the similar questions –full of metaphors and funny analogies. She was first responding to the fact that absence of sound in a fart does not means it never occurred –from the human point of argument. She responded that a tree will make a sound even when cut in the absence of people. Basically, what she was alluding to is the fact that lack of sound in a cat’s fart is a misconception most people have? But it does not stop the fact that farting happens naturally.

Do cats fart? Things to know

So what should be your deepest concern as a pet owner asking whether cats fart? Now that’s it’s clear that cats fart, the next concern is understanding different farts and their implications on your purr friend. Naturally, the fart is supposed to be in little amounts and especially when the cat feeds on proteins. Proteins rich food is known to contain sulfur which when released is full of the bad odor.

Do cats fart
Main coon Kitten lying upside down Source

Therefore, if your cat is passing gas for longer period of time there is a you should be worried. According to the research by Dr Mickila Collins and information available elsewhere, fart is made up of the normal food fermentation processes and intake of gas in the cat’s body.

Also, foods that are carbohydrates can also cause a lot of gas build up in the cat. If this is the case you can change your cat’s diet. Rapidly changing the cat’s diet can also contribute to the production of odorous gases. In an ideal settings, the feline diet should be consistent especially if the cat handles it well. The other cause of farts in cats is too much consumption of human foods by cats.

A cat should be fed human foods in moderation to avoid bringing about health problems. So do cats fart? From the above discussion it’s clear that they do. Now that you have the facts you should ensure that your cat stays healthy always.

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