A heartbroken cat has spent the last one year grieving by her dead owner’s grave in Central Java, Indonesia. Efforts by passersby, particularly 28 year old Keli Keningau, to adopt it have been futile.

The cat also flatly refuses any food ‘donations’ by strangers, instead rolling in the dirt to ward them off.


The kitty walks to her former home everyday to be fed by the old lady’s children, then returns to the grave.

“Since the cat’s mother died she has stayed here at the grave. She does not want to go home. She has been here for almost a year.

“I thought she was homeless and tried to help but every time she wold keep returning to the same place.


“I saw her everyday and noticed that she was always there, but sometimes would leave for a couple of hours then come back.

“I followed her and she was going to the home where she used to live and the lady’s children would feed her.


“Then the cat would go back again to the same place. She sleeps there and meows.

“It’s very sad to see. It shows just how close animals are to their owners.” Keli told Mirror.


The cat is at the grave everyday, day and night, and only leaves briefly for meals.