How long do Bengal cats live? This is a question a number of people ask. The Bengal cat breed share a lineage with the Asian leopard cat breed. The Bengal cat breed resemble wild cats such as Leopards because of its distinctive heritage. Originally, the sturdy cat breed came about from interbreeding between the Asian leopard cat and domestic cats.

How long do Bengal cats live
A bengal cat Source

Not only did the wild cats provide the hybrid features but also the name Bengal cats bear. The name is  derived from the Asian leopard’s scientific name:  Prionailurus bengalensis bengalensis. The breed development was initiated in the 1970’s. It had contributions from notable scientists such as DR Willard Centerwall. He was researching on the Asian leopard perceived resistance to the feline leukemia virus.  Jean mill, a breeder also accidentally created a new breed while an Asian Leopard cat he had gotten mate with a domestic cat.

How long do Bengal cats live? Brief History of the Bengal breed

How long do Bengal cats live?
Asian leopard cat Source

Regardless of the more poetic version of the creation of the Bengal cat every cat lover appreciate the wild beauty it struts. Notably, the cat breed is characterized by large spots or rosettes and a body similar to the Asian leopard cat. The Bengal is a mini Asian leopard as far as physical features are concerned including its small ears.

In addition to the strength they pack within their large frame (not all Bengal cats are large though) they are very intelligent and active creatures. Due to their high aptitude to learn, they are quite easy to train. Sometimes they are taken out for walks in harnesses.

Bengal cats health and care

Bengal cats love to take dips and play around with water! They are energetic and love to play around. In order to ensure that cat is well catered for you should ensure that it gets maximum attention plus a collection of toys for it to play with. Certainly, Bengal lovers and owners would be interested to know if they are healthy.

The initial interest for interbreeding the Asian leopard with the domestic cats by scientists was because of the ALC resistance to feline leukemia. But they never succeed. The resulting Bengal breed is not immune to the virus.

How long do Bengal cats live?

It’s good to note that there are a number of diseases that affect either the pure or the mixed Bengal breed. Among the diseases that affect the breed include hip dysplasia, distal neuropathy, patellar luxation etc.

They need to be cared for in the right measures on a daily basis. In addition, to the routine homely care they need regular yearly veterinarian’s checkups to ensure they enjoy a full life. Typically, a Bengal cat lives a normal cat lifespan which ranges from 14 -18 years.

However, they are others that live longer than that depending on various factors such as the host environment, care given, and general breed strength and so on. If the medical checkups are started early on in the cats lives it becomes easier to postpone health problems which usually starts during their later stages of life.