To say that cats are aloof or somewhat reserved is an understatement. In fact, some people would go to the extent of describing them as cold. Ouch! I know that’s not the best way to describe a pet. OK honestly cats do go overboard sometimes when it comes to protecting their space. Understandably, a pet owner who loves to snuggle and share some beautiful bonding sessions with their felines would be interested to know. And  these are the most affectionate cat breeds. They are quite a number of affectionate cat breeds as highlighted in the following paragraphs. Without further ado here are the most affectionate cat breeds.

5 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

#1 The Siamese breed

Most affectionate cat breeds
Siamese cat breed Source

You can say it’s an exotic breed that appreciate the finer things in life . You  have to spend a bit more to maintain this baby. In exchange for its exotic requirements Siamese cats are quite affectionate. They easily integrate themselves into the family singling out one member, at times, to share the bonding moments with. As such they require much attention!

#2 The Ragdoll

Most affectionate cat breeds
Ragdoll male cat Source

If you would like a cat that is really comfortable lying on your lap then the ragdoll is the right choice. Rarely do they leave the confine of a house and they tend to enjoy the company of the family at home. They are sweet and people who have not yet been bitten by the pet bug would be comfortable around the ragdoll. Additionally, they are very gentle and less demanding compared to a breed such as the Siamese. Its lovable attribute is the long coat of fur most people would love brushing or stroking.

#3 Persian

Most affectionate cat breeds
The Persian cat breed Source

The Persian loves to be pampered or if you like showered with attention from the owner. They love it when their fur is combed by the owner. Also, they take this opportunity to bond with owner. What more could a cat lover ask for? On a normal day they can be seen relaxing quietly on the lap of their owner. Just as the ragdoll, the Persian is truly at home within the house and not outdoors.

#4 The Tonkinese

Most affectionate cat breeds
Tonkinese cat breed Source

The tonkinese is a hybrid of the Burmese and the Siamese cat breeds. It has inherited the elegance and the people pleasing tendencies from its parents. However, the Tonkinese isn’t exotic as the Siamese parent; it’s gentler and a little bit reserved. They love to spend quality time with the human family. Additionally, they are very curious and genuinely enjoy spending time with humans.

#5 Sphynx

Most affectionate cat breeds
Sphynx cat breed Source


Perhaps, because of its outdoors limitations (it’s hairless) most people acquire the sphynx as an indoor only pet. However, this feline breed is quite accommodating and welcoming to anybody including strangers. They crave attention and snuggling with humans is another way they feel warm because of their hairless condition. In a sense, they are a communal breed and will easily integrate themselves into the human family activities to avoid being alone. If you plan on getting one be certain they will attract your attention through any means necessarily including performing silly antics to get you to notice them.

Certainly, these five breeds are just examples of the most affectionate cat breeds. There are other breeds that are worth mentioning such as the Burmese and the Bengal among others.

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