Frankly speaking, every pet owner feels that they own one of the smartest cat breeds in the world. Cats’ aptitude to learn is not measured by how well they can solve mundane problems but rather on how easily they can be trained. Training is a key aspect in petting cats or dogs. Furthermore, the cat’s smart test can be measured through the social interactions and how easily they adapt in new environment. Generally, cats are regarded as intelligent animals. In addition, they are a curious species. Their inquisitive behaviors allows them to exercise their bodies in their carnivorous and playful nature. The best you can do for an intelligence cat is to be attentive and affectionate as well.

Here are top 4 of the smartest cat breeds

An intelligent cat needs a lot of activities to sharpen their mind. In the end this helps the cat to exercise its mind.

Abyssinian cat breed

Smartest cat breeds
Abyssinian cat breed Source

If you love playing fetch with your cat then this is the right cat. In fact, they are among the best cat learners around. They love to scale heights such as curtains and book cases. They Abyssinian cats adore attention and are quite inquisitive.

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Turkish Van Cat

Smartest cats breed
Turkish van cat Source

Similarly, the Turkish Van cat loves to scale heights. Their playful intelligence have them knocking stuff over for the sake of it. They are large in size coupled with clumsiness which makes them fall over culprits over toilets. They are smart enough to discover most interesting on their own -just let them do the exploring.

It’s quite easy to read this cat’s mood because of the distinctive nose. Additionally, the cat is at home a round a large mass of water.

Scottish fold cat

Scottish cat breed Source

If you are not familiar with the Scottish fold cat you can easily spot it in a crowd of cats because of its distinctively flopping ears. The peculiarity and uniqueness does not end with ears since they have developed rather strange sitting positions. As far as mimicry goes the Scottish fold cat, has perfected the art –you’ll find them comfy watching movies with humans. They aptitude to learn new things is expressed in how fast they are willing to attain new skills. A word of caution though, you shouldn’t leave them alone –they get bored easily. Keep them occupied with toys, they love them.


Smartest cats breed
Siamese cat breed Source

I bet the Siamese cat is one of those most versatile breed around: they are affectionate, intelligent and a host of other niceties you can come up with. So it’s no wonder they made it to the list of the smartest cat breeds. There smartness levels is brought out by the inquisitive nature. This is the cat breed that will follow you around taking meow notes on whatever it is you are doing.

They tire easily especially in absence of a human companion. As such, you should keep them preoccupied with toys such as puzzles. The Siamese cat is also a chatter box, they will strike up a cat conversation in the loudest way possible. Watch out for that!

If you are searching for a smart cat, pick one of those and also consider the following: Burmese, Bengal and Cornish Rex cat.

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