Luxury Dog HousesWhen it comes to my dog, I want it to feel loved and at home. Like many pet owners, some who spend a fortune on luxury dog houses, I have no objection whatsoever to pampering my pooch and as long as my pocket can allow, I give him the best of everything.

When it comes to luxury, a dog house is not exactly many people’s first thought. After all, it’s only a dog and a house is a house. Most dog owners will head to a local pet shop and walk out with a $20 dog house. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it says a lot when you get your pet the cheapest, most basic house.

There are two contrasting ends of luxury. You mention the name luxury dog house and the first thing anyone thinks of is the tens of dollars range.

True, we have some extremely expensive ones that only a certain percent of the population can afford, and even lesser percent that would see the need for such excesses.

For instance on the list of the most expensive dog houses, there is a custom made ‘Hacienda’ that costs $30,000. There’s also a 300 square feet dog ‘mansion’ that famously cost Paris Hilton a mind boggling $325,000.

Paris Hilton's Luxury Dog House

Paris Hilton's Luxury Dog House

If money is not an issue, go ahead and give your dog the best possible house. And there are many reasons why celebrities like Paris Hilton, and other people with money would spend an arm and a leg on their dogs.

Why People Spend A lot of Money on their Dogs

1. Dogs are members of the family and as such people are compelled to treat them as such.
2. Decreasing number of children per family, and more couples waiting to get older to have kids means there is more disposable income to spend of pets.
3. For social status reasons. Can you imagine walking into Kim Kardashian’s mansion and finding a $35 dog house?

Spending on dogs is not limited to rich people. In fact, the entire ‘pet industry’ in the US is driven by the middle class, to the tune of more than $60 billion annually. That is triple what Americans spent on the same in 1994.

Basic annual expenses per dog are estimated at $1700.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of models of dog houses, more specifically luxury dog houses. Selecting a suitable one can be very confusing. But the basic starting point is identifying what kind of house you need. Is it an indoor or outdoor house?

Tips for buying the best dog house

1. If buying an outdoor dog house, choose one that is weather-proof. The roof should completely prevent rain from pouring in.
2. Choose a dog house that has some sought of feet to raise it off the ground. This will prevent flooding.
3. Construction material matters. For instance, plastic is much easier to keep sanitary, but if intended for outdoor use, it needs to be anchored lest it flies off the ground during high wind storms.
4. The size of a dog house should give room necessary for the dog to stand up and turn around. If the house is too small or just the right size, there’s a big probability that the dog will not use it.
5. Ventilation: A dog house should have adequate ventilation, otherwise the air may become hot and uncomfortable especially during the summer. In the winter, there will be moisture build up, creating inviting conditions for bugs.

When it comes to dog houses over $100, you may not need to worry about some of these issues, after all, they cost that much for a reason.

The Best Luxury Dog Houses You Can Afford

Petsfit Dog House – Outdoor

Luxury Dog HousesPetsfit has a reputation of making some really impressive dog houses, and this takes the cake.

It is simple yet elegant and above all affordable. It is not at the extreme end of the luxury dog houses, but will sure be a pleasant addition to your backyard.

Treated with water based paint safe for your pet
Made of natural cedar
Asphalt roofing
Comes in small, medium and large sizes for different sizes of dogs
Turquoise and white trim

Luxury Dog Houses

Luxury Dog Houses

Pros cons
Roof can be opened and floor can be removed for easy cleaning. Assembly is not ‘tool-free’ which may be a problem to inexperienced users
Comes with pre-drilled holes making it easy to assemble in just a few steps
Sturdy for a laid back dog
Off center entrance provides more space for turning around
Quite inexpensive compared to other houses in the market

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Pet Zone Step 2 Tuff-N-Rugged Dog House

zoneThis award winning  luxury dog house is made of double wall durable plastic perfect for insulation. Double wall construction has been found to have many times more insulating properties than single wall dog houses, and that makes this Pet Zone dog house perfect for summer and winter.

Pros cons
The roof comes off for easy cleaning Cannot hold large dogs
Fade resistant color with UV protection
Tool-free assembly. Parts snap together easily in minutes
Tough and durable material
Double wall construction for better insulation

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The Dog Palace

As the name suggests, this luxury dog house is truly a dog’s palace. It is majestic and durable, and I have to say pictures don’t do it justice. The manufacturers are so confident with its durability that they give you a lifetime warranty against cracking and breaking.

Among other luxury dog houses, the ‘Dog Palace’ is relatively affordable.

Now this is one way to treat your pet like royalty.

Luxury Dog Houses

Luxury Dog Houses

Luxury Dog Houses

Self-closing door with viewing window
Very durable (Lifetime warranty on cracking and breaking)
Raised floor to provide a warm, dry bedding area for the dog
Can hold dogs of most sizes (even more than one dog)
Properly insulated from heat and cold
Beautiful finish

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Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin

Luxury Dog Houses

Luxury Dog Houses

This outback log cabin dog house is simple looking yet elegant. It is sturdy and weather-resistant, and will surely improve the appearance of your backyard.

Pros Cons
Raised off the ground to ensure the floor and the dog stay dry Assembly is not tool-free and may be a challenge for some
Slanted asphalt roof to drain water off the back edge
The entrance is off-center giving the dog protection from wind, as well as allowing it to turn easily
Relatively easy assembly requiring only a screwdriver

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Darker Stain Duplex Dog House

Luxury Dog Houses

Boomer & George makes some really awesome dog houses, and this is probably their best. If you have more than one dog, perhaps a duplex dog house is better than two separate one.

The darker Stain Duplex Dog House is one of those luxury dog houses that are simple, elegant and simply beautiful. It has a nice finish and comes with dog doors. It is spacious enough for two large dogs.

Pros Cons
Cheaper compared to buying two separate luxury dog houses Construction material not the best quality
Spacious enough for at least two large dogs
Removable roof and floor panels for easy cleaning
Removable partition to separate the dogs

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Merry Products’ – The Mansion

Luxury Dog Houses

Luxury Dog HousesCorrectly named ‘The Mansion’, this luxury dog house from Merry Products is truly in a league of its own. It is spacious and designed to let in a lot of air, giving your dog as much comfort as possible.

Pros Cons
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use Assembly may be challenging to some people
Spacious with a beautiful finish Construction material not the best
Can accommodate large dogs Not very durable
Raised base to keep your pet dry

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Petmate Indigo Dog House

Luxury Dog Houses

Luxury Dog Houses

Luxury Dog HousesWith a strong 4.5 rating and rave reviews, this Petmate luxury dog house is one of the best in the market. It comes in different sizes to fit dogs of different sizes. It is the most recommended in the Petmate’s line of igloo-shaped luxury dog houses.

Pros Cons
Easy to assemble. No tools required Relatively higher price than other similar luxury dog houses
Comes in 3 sizes for different sizes of dogs Large dogs may not fit
Heavy duty construction makes it very durable
Made with Microban to fight the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria
Roof vent ensures continuous flow of air

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Boomer & George Wooden Barn Dog House

Luxury Dog Houses

Luxury Dog Houses
This is another beautiful outdoor luxury dog house from Boomer & George. It is constructed of fir wood hence quite sturdy. Wood further offers natural insulating properties.

This would beautiful addition to your backyard.

Pros Cons
Finished in naturally colored stains hence it looks great May be difficult to assemble
Raised base keeps dog off the cold or damp ground Wood not of high quality
Removable roof and floor panel for easy cleaning

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