We all love cats. Some of us may have objections about owning them, but at least agree they are wonderful creatures.

As with every animal, cats come with their own flaws… not many, but flaws nonetheless. However, we have to admit that they are probably the closest to perfection an animal can be.

These particular breeds are perfection reimagined.

The top 10 most beautiful cat breeds

#10. The Persian Long Hair Cat

persian persian1

The Persian longhair is commonly referred to as simply The Persian. This breed is characterized by a round face and a short muzzle.

It is believed to have its origin in Iran, with the first documented ancestors imported into Europe around 1620. The Persians are calm, devoted but also desire attention. They are very good with children.

#9. Scottish Fold Cat

scot scot1

As the name suggests, the Scottish Fold originated from Scotland. As a result of a dominant-gene mutation, their cartilages are affected which cause the ears to bend forward and down towards the front of their head. It is this ‘folding’ that gave the breed its name.

The Scottish Fold is affectionate and playful.

#8. Exotic Longhair Cat

ex1 ex2

The Exotic Longhair was developed as a cross between the Persian and the Exotic shorthair cat. As a matter of fact, everything about this cat is similar to the Persian, apart from the coat. It is charming, amiable and quiet.

#7. Maine Coon

maine1 maine2

The Maine Coon is one of the oldest natural cat breeds in North America. As the name suggests, its origins are in the state of Maine.

It has a distinctive physical appearance and great hunting skills – great characteristics to go with it being one of the most beautiful cat breeds. The Maine Coon is a cross between a domestic and wild cat. It is large and sociable, hence its nickname ‘the gentle giant’.

#6. British Shorthair Cat

brit1 brit2

The British Shorthair is a pedigree version of a British traditional domestic cat. Their dense coats come in silver, black, cream, red, blue and gold. They have chunky bodies and broad faces. It is one of the most ancient cat breeds known.

The British Shorthair is not very active or playful but is very devoted to their owner. They are safe around other pets and children.

#5. Domestic Longhair Cat

dom1 dom2

As a result of being of mixed ancestry, the Domestic Longhair does not belong to any particular cat breed. It is one of the most popular cats in households.

They come in a variety of colors, like tabby, bi-coloured , smoke and tortoiseshell. They can have fur that is up to 6 inches long.

#4. Angora Cat



This breed originated from the Turkish city of Angora (modern day Ankara). It bears striking resemblance to the Persian.

Angora cats have long and silky coats as well as an elegant body. They come in tabby and tabby-white, along with black with an undercoat of chocolate brown. (Wikipedia). This breed is playful and athletic.

#3. Balinese Cat

bal1 bal2

It has its origins in the United States. It originated from deliberate breeding efforts in the early 1900s.

Its coat is medium-length, soft and silky. Eye color ranges from pale blue through sapphire/violet. This can however be affected slightly by age and diet. They are social and playful with keen interest in the activity around them.

Balinese cats are also notably acrobatic.

#2. American Bobtail Cat

bob1 bob2

Developed in the 1960s, the American Bobtail is quite uncommon. It is a crossbreed between a wild bobcat and a domestic cat. Its body is moderately long, with substantial boning, and stocky.

American Bobtails are playful, social and moderately energetic.

#1. Abyssinian Cat

ab1 ab2

It is believed to have originated from Abyssinia (modern day Ethiopia). This breed is slender, fine-boned and medium-sized.

Abyssinian kittens are born with dark coats which gradually lighten. They have an unusually high intelligence, and are generally extroverted and playful. Abyssinian cats are downright attractive, and that’s why this breed tops our list of the most beautiful cat breeds.

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