As a cat lover, you have asked yourself this question a few times “why do cats lick people?” The easiest explanation is the fact that your cuddly pet is obsessed with you. Frankly speaking, when he/she licks you it’s not one of those gross misbehavior our furry friends exhibits at times. Incidentally, kittens and older cats groom themselves through licking their fur. Cats are perhaps the cleanest pets you can have around. Just look at how they seem pristine when swaying around the house or the yard. They maintain a sense of decorum reserved only the most stylish of among humans. The next few words will highlight some of the reasons a cat loves to lick you all the time,

Why do cats lick people?
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#1 Why do cats lick people? Grooming purposes

In the first paragraph we’ve highlighted the fact that cats love to groom themselves through licking. Surprisingly, felines love to groom others too –in this case their human companions! Yes, they do! So next time she comes around and start licking you just relax and appreciate the love he/she is exhibiting towards you. In fact, you should take it as a compliment. Understandably, cats are social groomers –you can say they are professional groomers as well. How’s that for a companion? The bottom line is that cats will lick you for health reasons.

#2 Why do cats lick people? Out of loneliness.

When a kitten or cat is lonely, they might express their feelings through licking a person they consider a companion. Of course, loneliness in a cat can manifest itself in a myriad of ways and licking is one of them. We all know that cats are a playful lot meaning they will run through the place ensuring they get your full attention. In addition, to the playfulness cats will lick you if they feel lonely and need to get your attention. Once they have your audience, in such a scenario they will stop licking you. Licking is a sign of bonding among the feline species.

#3 licking out of anxiety

One of the ways a cat will show that she is anxious is through licking a companion. They tend to lick compulsively if they feel out of place. It could be they’ve just moved in a new home. The best cure for anxiety in felines is the old age petting remedy. Its proven and it work wonders in relieving the stress she’s probably undergoing. Once she comfortable she will stop the consistent licking.

Why do cats lick people
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Licking in cats shouldn’t be regarded as a strange phenomenal. In fact, their tongues are designed with barbs for that particular purpose. They use the comb like feature to pull out unwanted dirt on the fur or anything they lick. The best way to stop your cat form licking you is to distract her through the usual games they adore.

When  do cats lick people? It could be motivated by an underlying factor

Conversely, a cat might be affected by an underlying factor that motivates it to lick excessively. If that’s the case you need to watch out for other issues such as allergies, parasites or even anxieties. In severe instances the cat might even pull out considerable amount of fur leading to bleeding. Therefore you should consult your veterinary for medication on the underlying problem.

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