Indeed cats are heavy sleepers. Some of them even snore loudly. If you ask most pet owners, they will tell you that their cats seem to be asleep most of the time and they are right. But why do cats sleep so much? On average a cat spend about 16 hours asleep –that’s about twice the recommend 8 hours of nap time a human get per night. There are number of reasons why a cat sleeps so much. One of them is the fact that there is no much activity for cats around the house. I am not saying you are boring but come to think of it how much toy power and energy do you need to keep a feline active all day?

Why do cats sleep so much?
A sleeping cat Source

Why do cats sleep so much?

There is a misconception that cats are nocturnal animals.  This means they tend to be active during the night and sleep throughout the day.

In actual sense, cats are crepuscular meaning they tend to be more active during the hours between dusk and dawn. It is for this reason that cats tend to sleep for longer hours during the day. In fact, the older cats will extend their precious time on the cat bed dreaming away the sunny and rainy days.

Unlike their cousins in the savannas and jungles, domestic cats depend on humans for food. But that shouldn’t fool you that evolution skipped them. The predator characteristic is still fresh in the domestic cat’s genes as seen in the behavior they exhibit during the hours they are most active. That said, cats sleep a lot as a way of conserving energy required for hunting tendencies. Ok cats hunt too; perhaps they do it discreet devoid of hidden cameras following them.

They also spend a lot of energy hunting down toys or any substantial prey that comes their way around the house or out in the yard.

They do not sleep deeply always

Typically, cats are half asleep that’s why they can easily leap into action with slight interference of their slumber. This is also their predator instinct fully in action. When they are just snoozing you will notice that their ears are quite attentive and twitch a little when minimal noise is made. On the other hand, when they are in a deep slumber they even snore just as humans do.

Why do cats sleep so much?
A sleeping cat Source

If you notice any slight change in the cat’s sleeping patterns then you should do some thorough investigation because this could be a sign of an underlying condition. However, if there has been a recent change of environment such as moving into a new home then behavioral changes are expected as he/she tries to adapt to the new environment.

Why do cats sleep so much? They are affected by the weather

The weather patterns also contribute to kitty’s sleeping habits. On a rainy day even an indoors cat will sleep longer than usual. Similarly, warmer weather will induce activeness in the cat although this doesn’t change the fact that cats are more active during the twilight hours.

A cat’s sleeping longer hours shouldn’t scare the owner since this is the norm and it’s generally accepted. All a cat owner has to do is observe the sleeping patterns looking out for any inconsistencies. In this case, too much sleep or little of it is a sign of other underlying factors. That means its time to see the vet!

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