Why do dogs lick their paws? This is a question many owners have had to ask themselves at one point. Despite being a pretty common occurrence, the reasons remain a mystery to many people. Below we look at some common causes of this behavior.

Why do dogs lick their paws?

When your dog licks its toes continuously, it is normally because of four conditions. Weight issues, stinky skin, ear infection, or yeast infection caused by a diet that is high in carbs, grains, and fillers.

Naturally, dogs are carnivores, therefore, the only reason why the paw licking behavior persists is that your dog is reacting badly to the food that you feed him. This happens when you feed your dog with food that has little meat and large amounts of carbs, grains, fats, rancid fats and chemical preservatives. These foods do not have the amount of protein that a dog requires.

Furthermore, these foods are processed using heat to levels where there are no nutrients left. As such, they lead the dog to licking his own paws, as he is not getting the protein he needs. In addition, a healthy immune body system keeps the yeast present in your dog’s gut contained.

Therefore, when you fail to feed your dog with meaty bones and meat, your it gets a yeast infection. The yeast infection causes itches that prompt paw licking. The licking can be so incessant to an extent that the dog spends hours doing just this.

Why do dogs lick their paws
Why do dogs lick their paws? Source

How to stop a dog from licking its paws

It is imperative to note that paw licking is not a habit that dogs use to kill boredom. It is a sign of an underlying problem. This is especially so when the habit is done too often. For instance, if you are taking your dog for a walk and he stops to lick his paws, this is a sign of a yeast infection.

Therefore, change in diet is essential. Improve your dog’s diet by making it more meat based as opposed to carbohydrate based dog food. It is that simple. A nutritional supplement will help change your dog’s pH in 90 days boosting your dog’s immune system and getting rid of the yeast in his body.

Why do dogs lick their paws
Dog licking its paws (Source)


Do not use products such as cayenne pepper or covering up your dogs paws with socks. This worsens the situation, as the itch caused by yeast infection will leave your dog uncomfortable.

Once you have changed the diet for the next 90 days from a carbohydrate based to meat based meal, your dog will stop the paw licking habit. Be sure to add a supplement to ensure that the problem goes away faster. In addition, consult your vet for any additional treatment your dog needs to stop licking his paws. In 90 days, you will have a happy, active dog that is always waiting for you at the door when you arrive to play catch. Always observe your dog’s behaviors constantly, and take action at the first sign.

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